Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

At Qwellness Clinic, we address thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), a group of conditions characterized by compression or irritation of nerves and blood vessels in the neck and shoulder region known as the thoracic outlet. This compression can result in various symptoms such as pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, and more in the neck, shoulder, arm, and hand.

Types of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome:

  • Neurogenic TOS: This type of TOS involves the compression or irritation of nerves passing through the thoracic outlet, leading to symptoms like pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the arm and hand.
  • Arterial TOS: In this type of TOS, the subclavian artery, responsible for supplying blood to the arm, experiences compression, resulting in symptoms such as coldness, paleness, and weakness in the arm.
  • Venous TOS: This type of TOS occurs when the subclavian vein, responsible for carrying blood from the arm back to the heart, is compressed. Symptoms may include swelling, pain, and discoloration in the arm.

At Qwellness Clinic, our tailored approach to thoracic outlet syndrome involves comprehensive assessment, personalized treatment plans, and collaborative care to alleviate symptoms and improve the overall well-being of our patients.

What Does Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Feel Like?

At Qwellness Clinic, we understand that thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) can present with a variety of symptoms, which may differ based on the type of TOS and its severity.

In neurogenic TOS, the most common type, nerve compression in the thoracic outlet can lead to symptoms such as:

  1. Pain or discomfort in the neck, shoulder, arm, and hand.
  2. Numbness or tingling sensations in the fingers or hand.
  3. Weakness or fatigue in the arm or hand.

Diagnosing TOS involves a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Medical history: Our healthcare professionals will conduct a detailed assessment of your symptoms, medical history, and relevant activities or injuries that may contribute to your condition.
  • Physical examination: We perform a thorough examination of your neck, shoulder, arm, and hand to identify signs of pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling. We also assess your pulse, blood pressure, and range of motion.
  • Diagnostic tests: Based on the suspected type of TOS, we may recommend various diagnostic tests, including:
    • X-rays to identify structural abnormalities in the neck and shoulder area.
    • MRI or CT scans to obtain detailed images of the soft tissues in the affected region.
    • Electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction studies to measure electrical activity in the affected nerves and muscles.
    • Doppler ultrasound to assess blood flow in the affected arm and detect any blockages or abnormalities in the subclavian artery or vein.

    At Qwellness Clinic, our goal is to provide accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans to effectively manage thoracic outlet syndrome and improve your overall well-being.

How we take care of your Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?

At Qwellness Clinic, we prioritize compassionate care for individuals dealing with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), aiming to alleviate discomfort and enhance your overall quality of life. Here’s how we approach the management of your TOS:

  • Personalized Assessment: We conduct a thorough evaluation to understand the specific factors contributing to your TOS symptoms, taking into account your medical history, lifestyle, and unique needs.
  • Tailored Treatment Plan: Based on the assessment findings, we develop a personalized treatment plan crafted to address your symptoms effectively and improve your overall function.
  • Comprehensive Physical Therapy: Our experienced therapists employ targeted exercises and manual techniques to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility, and relieve nerve compression, tailored to your individual needs.
  • Pain Management: We offer a range of strategies to manage TOS-related pain, including medication management and modalities such as heat or cold therapy, to help alleviate discomfort and enhance your comfort.
  • Patient Education: We believe in empowering you with knowledge about TOS, its causes, and effective self-care techniques. Through education, we aim to equip you with the tools to manage your symptoms and prevent future flare-ups effectively.

At Qwellness Clinic, our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to support you in managing your Thoracic Outlet Syndrome and improving your overall well-being.

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